Isaac Hale

Equity Research Postdoctoral Scholar


Dr. Isaac Hale is an Equity Research Postdoctoral Scholar at the UC Santa Barbara Blum Center on Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy. His research examines how racial attitudes and the design of electoral institutions can undermine representation in the US and other developed democracies. He has published several papers analyzing how racial attitudes affect voter behavior and legislative representation, particularly in recent U.S. elections. In addition, he also has a series of publications that examine the effects of electoral systems on voter representation and efficacy in the US, the UK, and Chile.

Isaac’s research has been featured in The New York Times, The Texas Tribune, The Sacramento Bee, Roll Call, Salon, La Tercera, Pacific Standard, Democratic Audit, RAISE the Vote, UC Davis Magazine and The California Aggie. He has also appeared on podcasts and television news to discuss state and national politics as a political scientist.

Prior to joining UCSB, Isaac served as a Lecturer and Associate Instructor in the UC Davis Department of Political Science. In this capacity, he developed and implemented curricula suitable for a diverse group of undergraduate students.