Sustainable Tech Repair Service - Coming to UCSB

Did your phone screen just break, again? Does your laptop battery cord give you 14 minutes of power? Not sure how you are going to get it fixed?


Sustained access to quality technology is a basic need on college campuses today - we're here to make that a reality. The UCSB Sustainable Tech Repair Service will provide free minor software and hardware repairs of smartphones, tablets and laptops for UCSB students in two Pop Up repair events in Winter and Spring 2020 in order to reduce e-waste and digital inequalities. The long term goal is to create a technology repair shop for students to bring in their devices for below-market rates, as well as seed a cultural shift towards repair on campus.


Stay tuned for details on how to sign up for this service and learn about broader issues connecting equity, environment and technology. 


Interested in learning more or getting involved? Contact Melissa Bator (, Center for Information Technology and Society or Joanne Nowak (, Blum Center for Global Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development.