Welcome to the UCSB Blum Center on Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy

The UCSB Blum Center fosters interdisciplinary, socially engaged research and learning on poverty and inequality, and promotes democratic responses to address these inequalities at home and abroad. Established with funding from UC Regent Richard C. Blum and the UC Office of the President, it is part of a ten-campus network across the UC system.

Check back regularly to find out where and when the next Pop up Discussion will take place.

Sustained access to quality technology is a basic need on college campuses today. We're here to make that a reality. Stay turned to learn more about how to sign up for this service, as well as broader issues connecting equity, environment and technology.

Interested in the effects of inequality on democracy, and how democracy can address inequality? Who is trying to create and implement solutions to address these challenges? What is the role of youth in these efforts? Learn more with the upcoming Blum Inequality & Democracy podcast - coming Fall 2019.