This past Spring Quarter, the Blum Center hosted its first combined research symposium featuring original UCSB faculty and student projects centered on The Dr. U.S. Awathi Initiative in Cooperative Economics, and the Central Coast Regional Equity Initiative. This is our inaugural year featuring Central Coast Regional Equity research at UCSB and our second year supporting Cooperative Economics projects. We invite you to learn more about these respective presentations in the newsletter.

We are also pleased to announce the 2023/24 Central Coast Regional Equity awardees, and Cooperative Economics awardees, for the up-coming year. UCSB faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students are tackling an array of issues including California essential workers’ access to legal knowledge, undocumented high school students’ funding for secondary education, gendered labor markets in post-socialist states, the role of economic democracy within social networks, home care cooperatives, democratic decision-making in the classroom, the power of queer bookstores and transnational networks, LGBT+ publishing opportunities in Brazil, and network support within BIPOC farmer communities.

Please use this link to access the full newsletter.