Pop Up Discussion - If It Is the Right Thing To Do, We Have Every Right To Do It: Rights, Revolution and Resilience-Based Organizing

Event Date: 

Monday, January 28, 2019 - 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Event Location: 

  • HSSB 4065

Event Contact: 

Joanne Nowak, Blum Center Academic Coordinator: joanne.nowak@ucsb.edu 

In this moment of rising inequality and ecological erosion, what are the rights that social movements can (and should) organize around? How can these rights be asserted in ways that directly defend both people and the planet? What is the narrative shift that has to accompany this new organizing agenda?

Gopal Dayaneni, Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University and Community Organizer, argues that the basis of revolution is not simply the struggle for power. The basis of revolution is rights - when a people are organized well enough to exercise rights that they can test the legitimacy of existing authority and assert the authority to self-govern. In this Pop Up Discussion, Gopal will share his research and grassroots work with social movements to achieve racial, environmental and economic justice through rights-based interventions. Celia Alario, Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Communications Specialist, will moderate this lively discussion.

Join us to discuss these issues on January 28th at 12:30PM (HSSB 4065). Lunch will be served.

RSVP for the Pop Up with Joanne Nowak, Blum Center Academic Coodinator (joanne.nowak@ucsb.edu), by January 25th at 12PM, 2019.