Pop Up Discussion on - Going Bananas: Monocultures, Migrants and Poverty in the Americas

Event Date: 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Event Location: 

  • RM 2320
  • Girvetz Hall

Event Contact: 

Joanne Nowak, Blum Center Academic Coordinator (joanne.nowak@ucsb.edu)

Come join a discussion that will challenge you to consider the connections between breakfast fruits and border walls. John Soluri, Associate Professor of History at Carnegie Mellon University, will draw on the example of the export banana industry in Central America to discuss the links between poverty and modern agriculture’s reliance on monocultures.

Dr. Soluri has spent the past two decades tracing the environmental and social histories behind commodity items. He explores the multi-faceted production and consumption relationships that tie countries together, their effects on the workers and consumers who embody these relationships, and what alternative food-human models might look like.

Join us to discuss these issues of food, power and justice with Professor Soluri in more detail on March 12th at 12:00PM in RM 2320, Girvetz Hall. Lunch will be served.

RSVP for the Pop Up with Joanne Nowak, Blum Center Academic Coordinator (joanne.nowak@ucsb.edu), by March 8th.

Professor Soluri will also be participating in a panel discussion for the launch of Professor Casey Walsh’s (Anthropology, UCSB) latest book - Virtuous Waters: Mineral Springs, Bathing and Infrastructures in Mexico - on Tuesday, March 12th at 6PM in HSSB 6020. Please join us for both these events!