Aniket Mehrotra

Blum Student Assistant
Class of 2023


What is one issue related to poverty and inequality that you think is most important right now?

In my view, economic inequality is the most pertinent issue of our time. In times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is incredibly frustrating that nearly 8 million Americans, many of whom lack basic needs such as food, adequate healthcare and housing and basic job protections such as a living wage and paid sick leave, have slipped into poverty while billionares have made record profits. It's frustrating because this is a choice, rather, decades-worth of policy choices that have shortchanged working and middle class Americans in favor of the wealthiest of Americans. Inequality is a choice, and we need to start choosing to attribute the same market value to essential workers as the social value they have realized during this pandemic. 

What quote most inspires you to fight against social injustice?

"Shoutout to my fellow radicals in the United States who believe crazy things like a full-time job should be enough for you to live and believe in crazy radical things like if you kill someone there shouldn't be impunity. And also who believe really crazy radical things like you should get a stimulus check without having to bail out a corporation for it...You know, shoutout to my fellow radicals who think that we should live in a humane advanced society and that we shouldn't be under the thumb of a $7 minimum wage and racist systems."

- Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez