Warsan Ali

Blum Student Assistant
Undergraduate Student


What is one issue related to poverty and inequality that you think is most important right now?

I believe that class inequality is at the heart of many issues we have today. We’re becoming more aware of the systemic issues that continuously put marginalized communities at a disadvantage. We’re questioning the widening wealth gap, why healthcare isn’t seen as a basic human right for all, and why poor black and brown people are often the ones facing the most extreme consequences of climate change. College students, who deal with the financial burdens of higher education, are the next generation of leaders; we should care about this issue because this is a matter of our future, and we will ultimately face the consequences if socioeconomic inequalities persist. It’s our job to stay informed about proposed solutions that push for structural change in our society, organize in our communities, challenge corruption and discrimination, and take action in any way we can.

What quote most inspires you to fight against social injustice?

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

- Angela Y. Davis