Internship Program

Winter Quarter Internship Applications - HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ

Winter 2024 Internships: for those interested in an internship for the Winter 2024 Quarter you must submit THIS FORM no later than 5pm on Wednesday, October 25th.

Note: If you are interested in completing an external internship (see below for description), the deadline to submit THIS FORM for approval is Friday, November 10th.

Your information will be reviewed and you will be contacted with instructions for the next steps to                                 complete and secure an internship position prior to enrolling in HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ.


Through the Poverty, Inequality, & Social Justice Minor, students complete a 120-hour internship (over a 10-week academic quarter) with an organization working to address poverty and inequality.

Students are required to be simultaneously enrolled in an internship course (HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ, or an equivalent course) to receive 4 units for their internship experience.

Note: HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ is available during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. For questions about Summer term internships, please contact Dr. Partridge.


Internship Coordinator & Instructor:             Dr. Tristan Partridge


Office Hours: email for appointment

We strongly encourage you to contact Dr. Partridge approximately 8 to 10 weeks before you plan to enroll in the internship course to learn more about the options, major requirements, and deadlines to secure your preferred internship. Dr. Partridge regularly provides Zoom information sessions during the internship application period.


  1. You must be officially declared in the Poverty, Inequality, & Social Justice Minor before you can apply for an internship.
  2. You cannot enroll in the internship course (HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ) and the capstone seminar (HIST 174Q/GLOBL 193) at the same time. The internship must be completed first as a prerequisite for the capstone seminar.
  3. Students cannot receive retroactive credits for their internship (i.e. you must have your internship approved by our program before your start date if you are proposing your own internship).



Pathway #1

Blum Center Partners

Using our internship list that includes local organizations with whom we have developed partnerships who accept interns.

The latter list only becomes available roughly 4-5 weeks before the next quarter starts, and students subsequently apply during a set application time.


Pathway #2

Proposing Your Own Internship

Students are encouraged to pursue internships that fit their specific interests.

Plan ahead to locate an internship in time for the quarter you wish to enroll.

This path requires your chosen internship to be reviewed and approved in advance to qualify. Please contact Dr. Partridge for additional guidance.

Pathway #3

Campus Programs

Completing an internship through relevant campus programs (e.g. UCDC, UC Sacramento, or UCEAP).

This may or may not require you to be enrolled in the HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ internship course depending on the nature of the internship. However, you must still complete the internship form for the purpose of obtaining academic credit through the PISJ Minor.