PISJ Minor Info


The Poverty, Inequality, & Social Justice Minor

The core components of this Minor involve a gateway course on poverty, inequality and social justice in historical and global context, three upper-division electives chosen from an interdisciplinary range of fields, an internship, and a capstone course.

See the Minor coursework requirements below for more details, including course sequencing, course substitution, & the course petition process.


Minor Coursework

Official list of all required courses and course options for the PISJ Minor

Minor Checklist

Visual roadmap to complete Minor

Minor FAQs

Commonly asked questions with answers

Upper Div Course Substitutions

Pre-approved course substitutes to meet upper-div requirements

Course Petitioning

Email Tiffany Lei with the course syllabus and reason for petition. Course must address poverty, inequality, or social justice concerns. See below for instructions

Internship Learning Agreement

Sign and return to Dr. Partridge to receive an add code for HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ



Offered during Fall and Summer Quarters only. No substitutions can be used for this class.


Internship Course is offered during the Fall, Winter, & Spring Quarters. Students must be enrolled in the Minor. Please contact Dr. Partridge 8-10 weeks in advance of enrollment.


Capstone seminar is offered during the Winter & Spring Quarters. It can be taken in the Summer depending on enrollment. HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ is a mandatory prerequisite. Students may not enroll in the internship course and the capstone seminar during the same quarter. 

Upper-Div Electives

Three Upper-Division Electives must be outside the student's major department. Please review the official Minor Coursework form and pre-approved Upper-Div Course Substitutes list for additional guidance.


1. HIST 74 & 1 Upper-Div Elective

Prerequisites must be completed or currently enrolled in at time of application.

2. Apply to the PISJ Minor

The application window will open during the Winter Quarter for current UCSB students. For transfer students refer to the Application page for additional info & dates.

3. Apply for an Internship

Contact Dr. Partridge 8 to 10 weeks prior to enrolling in HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ.

4. Complete your Capstone Seminar

You cannot enroll in the capstone seminar HIST 174Q/GLOBL 193 until you have completed HIST 196SJ/GLOBL 196SJ.


Complete your remaining two upper-division courses. Here are some examples.

Additional Course Information

Additional information regarding the internship program, capstone seminar, and course options or pathways can be located on the PISJ Minor tabs above.

Not sure if you've already declared the Minor? 

Students can confirm they are declared in the PISJ Minor by logging into GOLD, navigating to the yellow "registration" tab at the top of the screen, and looking for the MINOR/POVSJ notation in the bottom left-hand box titled "Additional Registration Information." See the image on the left for an example of what you should see in your GOLD account.


History 74: Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice in Historical and Global Context.

HIST 74 Course Description: Historical and interdisciplinary perspectives on poverty and inequality globally and in the United States tracing structural transformations, shifting modes of thought, policy, and action, dynamics of class, racial, gender, ethnic, and geographic stratification, and major theoretical debates from antiquity through the present.

Terms Offered: Fall and Summer ONLY

Hist 74 is a mandatory requirement for applying to the Minor. You must have completed or be currently enrolled in HIST 74 and also one upper-division elective at the time of your application window. 




The three mandatory upper-division electives for the PISJ Minor must be completed in departments outside of the student's major. For example, this means that a Biology Major must enroll in PISJ minor coursework outside of Biology, a History major must enroll in classes outside of History, a Sociology major must enroll in classes outside of Sociology, etc.

Please note that you are only allowed 5 units of upper division overlap between your major and your minor or between two minors, and that the upper division electives for the PISJ Minor must be outside your home department. 

There are three options for completing all PISJ Minor upper-division coursework requirements & the forms are available at the top of the page:

  1. Coursework outlined on the official PISJ Minor sheet.
  2. Pre-approved Upper-Division coursework from the Upper-Div Course Substitutions list (requires submitting a course petition).
  3. Petition a relevant course to Tiffany Lei, the History Department's Undergraduate Advisor, that addresses a relevant aspect of poverty, inequality, & democracy. 

The petition process is discussed in greater depth below for coursework that is pre-approved or requiring approval.

Course Petition Process

You can petition upper division courses that are not listed on the Minor requirement sheet to count towards your elective requirements. Any proposed course must touch on issues related to poverty, inequality, and social justice. 

See below for instructions on how to submit a petition for both pre-approved and potentially approved coursework*:

*Note: There is no limit on the number of course petitions you may submit for consideration.


Petitioning a course that is not on the pre-approved upper-division electives list:

  1. Course must be relevant to the Poverty, Inequality, & Social Justice Minor.
  2. Have a copy of the course syllabus (please reach out to the course instructor if you need a copy)
  3. There must be a grade posted for the class in Gold. No P/NP coursework can be petitioned.

If the above the applies:

  1. Fill out the course petition form here.
  2. Email Tiffany Lei, the History Department's Undergraduate Advisor at tlei@hfa.ucsb.edu
  3. In the email include your (1) name, (2) perm #, (3) course #, &               (4) course syllabus




Petitioning a completed course from the pre-approved Upper-Div Course Substitution list:

You can consult this list of MPISJ Course Substitutions for upper division electives that have been pre-approved for this Minor. Be advised that you are only allowed 5 units of upper division overlap between your Major and your Minor or between two Minors, and that the upper division electives for this Minor must be outside your home department.

Email Tiffany Lei, the History Department's Undergraduate Advisor, at tlei@hfa.ucsb.edu


  1. Your name
  2. Perm #
  3. Course #

Note: The course grade must be posted in GOLD before you can petition to have the course count toward your Minor. The course must also be from outside your major department.